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One Piece Ending 1 - Memories - 19K Listens
One Piece Ending 2 - Run Run Run - 21K Listens
One Piece Opening 2 - Believe - 25K Listens
One Punch Man Opening - THE HERO!! Ikareru Kobushi ni Hi wo Tsukero - 69K Listens
Orange Opening - Hikari no Hahen - 2K Listens
Ore wo Suki nano wa Ending - Hanakotoba - 2.5K Listens
Ore wo Suki nano wa Opening - Papapa - 2.5K Listens
Ouran Host club Opening - Sakura Kiss - 11K Listens
Overlord 2 Opening - Go Cry Go - 11K Listens
Overlord Ending - LLL - 12K Listens
Overlord III Opening - VORACITY - 18K Listens
Overlord Opening - Clattanoia - 28K Listens

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